Supreme Council for România
Supreme Council for Romania
of Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite - founded 1881

The Supreme Council of Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite for Romania (Supreme Council for Romania), your Supreme Council celebrates in 2011 its 130th Anniversary. Our Sovereign Grand Commanders in all our 130 years of existence ensured the destiny of our Masonic Body and perpetuated our Tradition with Fidelity, with Loyalty.

Their preoccupation was not the pin or the medal from their chest nor their apron nor their rich and elaborated golden collar. They followed, sometimes in anonymity the mission delivered to them by the Constitution clearly stating what they should be doing:

  • To instruct and to illuminate all Brethren so that among them to rule the principles of Union, Charity and Fraternal Love;
  • To maintain the regularity of their works at each Masonic Degree and to supervise so that all this will be respected by each and every single Member;
  • To ensure compliance and in all cases to respect and defend Dogmas, Institutions, Constitutions, Statutes and Regulations of the ORDER and especially of those of Freemasonry’s High Degrees.
  • To do, wherever they are to be found charitable works for Peace and Piety.

This Creed belongs to the Masons who have preceded us. Our Fraternal Chain was in danger several times throughout our long and short history; still many times reinforced by Faith and the Strength of our Brethren who have made ​​common front against the vicissitudes of time and history, refusing to be defeated and subjugated. We owe them the Sovereignty of our people, we owe them our Freedom.

It is indeed our Duty, as Romanians and Freemasons to shake hand and to become each one of us a strong link worthy of this Chain and to reject everything that might break it.

In a world where all values ​​are pulled, mediocrity does not forgive Freemasonry! The contempt laws of nature, rules and beliefs for which I swore to Anyone, Anywhere, do Anything Anyway are still developing inside of me, inside of us. We no longer respect each other, our human dignity and the Universe around us.

Let us remain loyal to our cause, to our motto: Ordo ab Chao; let us reject chaos!

In this modern world where technology advances daily I call into question everything. We must know how to preserve the values ​​that guarantee the survival of a sense of Morality, namely a respect for Being and for the Universe.

True to our ideals, we know to go back to our job as builders, as Masons, as Freemasons; those Masons who used to put one stone upon another. Because us, Masons with our Chain of Union surrounding the world we have the power, if we want to ensure to our Humanity a future where everyone can live a life of fullness, both physically and spiritually.

Brethren, I call upon you not only to understand my saying but to make sure that in your daily life and in your Masonic work the fundamental principles of our Order and of our High Degrees will be applied.

At the end of all this, we are not celebrating just the birth of an institution but the institutionalized life of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite in Romania so that all Brethren of the Romanian AASR could join us and to give strength to our Chain, to our Order, to our Rite, to our Society, to the Human Family and its Welfare.


Fraternally yours,

Andre Pierre SZAKVARY, 33º
Sovereign Grand Commander
Supreme Council for Romania, 1881